Glad you landed on my planet. This is my personal web space. Feel free to explore.


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The site is constantly under construction.

Avid fan of Web 1.0, trying to remind myself of all the little HTML knowledge I used to have back in the days, I'm trying to create my own space using traditional web building tools. It might take a while for me to properly display my vision, so until then the site is constantly under construction.


2019.11.4: I finally managed to put the webite content into some kind of simple layout. It's been really a long time since I experimented, and HTML has evolved significantly since "my days", haha! It really feels like learning it all over again, from the scratch. But I hope I will be able to add some more content soon.

2019.4.17: As I wanted to monitor my progress with thesis readings, I decided it would be fun to create a subpage.

2019.3.20: Hey guys, I added a some new stuff to the Links. Found some 1.0 gems and I need to share them.